November 2018 Volunteer of the Month & Volunteer of the Year 2018

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Volunteer of the Month November 2018 Volunteer of the Year 2018

Shauna Johnson has been the GEM of CONTINUITY that the USO Fort Drum needed in the midst all the changes we experienced last spring/summer. She has been a generous giver of her time, talents and knowledge. Shauna is continuously assisting USO staff with events, programs and day to day operations playing key leadership roles in our 2018 Trunk or Treat and Thanksgiving meal events.

Shauna is knowledgeable with the site and helps the COS with input and editing hours. Shauna includes her family in her volunteerism, her 17 year old son Justin is also an active volunteer and there many events that she also brings her husband along to help. We appreciate her so much!

Shauna was born and raised in Oklahoma. “Boomer Sooner!” She has been married for 25 years and has two “incredibly awesome” children and two dogs.

Shauna’s hobbies are photography and crafting. Some of her favorite things to do is enjoying family time, spending time with friends and volunteering.

“My hubby is in the Army and we were blessed to come to the North Country and 10th Mountain Family!”

Shauna’s favorite part of volunteering at the USO is, “Making sure Soldiers & Families know they have a home away from home and help them however I can! It also helps that the USO Fort Drum has the best volunteers that treat each other like family! Our USO Fort Drum Team is incredible and all they want is for our Soldiers and Families and Volunteers to be happy and provide so many opportunity for ALL!”

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