1st Quarter 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter & January 2020 Volunteer of the Month

Karen Carpenter Kight Volunteer of the Month January 2020 Volunteer of the Quarter 1st Qtr 2020

As of mid-March, our center had to close due to COVID-19. However, Karen Carpenter Kight has remained faithful and steadfast in her service to the soldiers and families of Fort Drum. Karen volunteers weekly every Tuesday since last year, her duties include picking up the midday snack from Walmart and bringing back to the center and on a normal basis serving it to the soldiers and families who visit our center on Tuesday afternoons for midday snack. She continues to pick up the sandwiches every week through this time of uncertainty. She follows all food handling guidelines and carefully wraps each sandwich individually and helps to get them into the sack lunches to go for pickup in a drive through fashion at the center. Her dedication and faithfulness help the staff at the USO to fulfill the mission!

Karen is a longtime military spouse and has two sons, one daughter and a new grandson. Karen signed up to volunteer at the USO for two specific reasons; first because her two sons are both in the military. Both were in Afghanistan in 2019 and utilized the USO services there. When she volunteers in the USO and is able to serve the younger soldiers coming in it makes her feels close to her boys. Second, her brother was enlisted in the Army and was stationed at Fort Drum in 1994. He was later a part of the tragic Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia, and Karen reports he suffers from PTSD.

Serving in the USO makes her feel like she is helping others who like her brother may have gone through something traumatic during their time of service. She is a very nurturing and caring lady and it’s her way of sharing motherly love with the young soldiers and their families of our community.

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