USO Transitions

“While their service is ending, our responsibility is just beginning.”

The USO Fort Drum is proud to offer a program that establishes a coordinated network unique to service members and military families. The USO Pathfinder program is a rallying point for our service members and their families and can be considered a “one-stop-shop”.

Utilizing USO Pathfinder’s tailored concierge approach, connections to resources are provided to develop a clear action plan for the service member, veteran or family member’s path forward. This action plan will focus and assist them in eight available resource pillars to ensure a smooth integration process. The available resource pillars are: Employment, Education, Benefits, Wellness, Financial, Legal, Housing, Volunteerism, and Family programs. We work with our clients until they tell us they are ready and we accomplish this mission with a focus on service, trust, and results.

The USO is proud to say, that from the time a service member enters the service throughout their career and now transitioning out of the military into civilian life, the USO is by their side.

For more information on how we can help you transition contact us:

Jim Redmore- USO Pathfinder Site Manager (315) 777-8050

Mick Bliss- USO Pathfinder Scout (315) 777-8711

If you are in the process of transitioning, please fill out the intake form so a USO Pathfinder team member can contact you within one business day. For more information on the USO Pathfinder program, please email

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