Fort Drum USO Team

Meet Our Staff

Cheryl Christie, Center Director

Cheryl is a graduate of Capella University with master’s in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Her clinical experience includes work at an in-patient psychiatric hospital, consultation, and owner of a private practice. She has extensive non-profit experience working with Soldiers, Veterans and their Families. As a spouse of a retired Veteran and Mom of a son who is in the Air Force, Cheryl is devoted to supporting our military community.


Sydney Schlosser, COPM

Sydney was born and raised by her two loving parents in Chesapeake, Virginia. She has 5 siblings and a dozen nieces and nephews. She attended Brigham Young University in Idaho where she earned a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management. Since graduating Sydney’s work has taken her to California, Colorado, and now Afghanistan where she is currently working as a duty manager for the USO. In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities, spending time with family, and traveling. She has now been to 13 countries and most of the 50 states. A couple unexpected yet interesting facts are that she speaks fluent Spanish and knows how to make balloon animals.

Cell: 315-586-3532Office: 315-774-0356

Dee Brown, Center Operations Supervisor

Dee has over 20 years of customer service experience and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. As a spouse of an Active Duty service member, Dee spent many years as a volunteer and has received the Outstanding Military Spouse medal, the Mary E. Walker award, the President’s Volunteer Service Award and The Order of Our Lady of Loreto award. Dee has a heart for soldiers and their families and is dedicated to serve them.

Cell: 315-408-4826Office: 315-777-8006

Jim Redmore, Site Manager USO Pathfinder Program

Jim is an Army Veteran that serves as the Site Manager of the USO Pathfinder Program. He has been assisting transitioning service members, their families, and Veterans since the inception of the USO Transition component. His experience in the military and as a Veteran, uniquely qualifies him to ensure the appropriate resources are aligned with the specific needs of our transitioning population.

Cell: 315-804-2431Office: 315-777-8050

Mick Bliss, USO Pathfinder Scout

Mick is a retired Army Veteran with 20 plus years of service. He is dedicated and compassionate by having the privilege to continue helping members of our Armed Forces, Veterans, and Military Spouses by ensuring that they are prepared for life after the military while continuing to support his military community in and around Fort Drum.

Cell: 978-326-8289Office: 315-777-8711